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a TEAM OF DIGITALLY SAVVY Teens with the skills to uncover the truth using the power of social media



The impact social media evidence can have on the outcome of a civil litigation case can be profound. More often than not, defendants, plaintiffs, and witnesses will leave heavy digital footprints on numerous social media platforms that can reveal many clues and fill in the blanks for or gain leverage in cases that are difficult to win or settle.


The Social Media Justice League is a team of digitally and socially native high school and college students with a passion for justice and mission to one day practice law. We have united with law firms, plaintiffs, and individuals who do not have the large budgets to hire expensive private investigators to find such valuable information. 


Arielle Hatton, a Junior at Palisades Charter High School, founded The Social Media Justice League as a way to fulfill her passion of becoming a lawyer and help an underserved community of people who could use the support. She enlisted the help of a few of her smartest and most accomplished friends, Shani Shaham, Anirudh Chaterjee, Siena Capeloto, Maddie Feng, Charlie Kwok, and Henry Fried to help her launch the organization. 


This issue became apparent when Arielle began reviewing a high stakes, civil lawsuit her grandfather was involved in. After reading the case documents, she did a deep dive into the social media presence of the woman suing her grandfather, something his attorneys neglected to do.

After sifting through Facebook posts and Twitter feeds, she found evidence that poked holes in the plaintiff's case and directly contradicted the timeline she was proposing. She organized everything she found into a presentation that was used to bring the woman to the negotiating table. It was then she realized this major gap in the legal system and SMJL was born.


​We are the first generation born into the era of social media. We learn everything we know from our cell phones and computers. Technology has become second nature to us and when it comes to navigating it, we're the real experts. It might not come as easily to other generations, but thats why we're here.


Heres the best part, unlike private investigation firms, we won't charge you an arm and a leg for our services. No need to pay expensive firms when you have SMJL. We do it because we're passionate about the cause and dream of being lawyers one day.

We are ready to put our powerful gen-z skills to work and see what we can uncover!

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