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Case Research

More often than not, people will leave behind heavy digital footprints that can help paint a more complete picture or fill in any blanks counsel might have. At the SMJL, we partner with attorneys, plaintiffs, and defendants to hunt for these online clues and find any information that they might need. 

Through our diligent social media deep dives we have been able to find new witnesses, establish important timelines, track down key players, and uncover past records that disprove statements made in deposition.​

Jury Candidate Research 

When attorneys have a jury trial, it is important that the jurors they select remain impartial to the case at bar. This ensures that the defendant received a fair hearing and that justice is rightfully served.


With this in mind, we want to help attorneys make the right jury selections. Through our services, we will search through the social media feeds of juror candidates to identify any personal content that indicates bias and might jeopardize the integrity of the trial. 

Social Media Strategy and Content

As members of Gen-Z, we have a real eye for social media. We know how to engage an audience and what they might find important. 


Through our social media research, we will curate social media posts for law firms to help them create a social presence to please followers and attract clients. 

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